Washington’s War Session Report: The British Perspective, 1778-1779…and the End

November 2, 2011

This report continues the Washington’s War game between Rick and me.  Check out the links below for the previous parts:
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Year: 1778
British Hand: Major Campaign, 1 op, 1 op, 3 op, 2 op, Hortelez,  Thomas Paine

Hm, this looks like a slightly better hand for moving troops around the board, but I still have to deal with American events. I open with Major Campaign, execute a landing party in Baltimore, and move Clinton down from Canada to Baltimore. Meanwhile Cornwallis and company move to attack Gates’ force in Alexandria, VA, where they win easily. Rick raises a decently sized American army in Delaware, so I bring more reinforcements into Baltimore (it’s now my central supply depot…). After some PC placement in Virginia, Cornwallis moves through Baltimore to get reinforcements, and proceeds to boot Lee’s army out of Delaware. After a few more PC placements, I am in control of Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, and Canada. And as the year comes to a close, Maryland is soon to fall into my hands…

The end of 1778/start of 1779.

Year: 1779
British Hand: Minor Campaign, 1 op, 1 op, 1 op, Marblehead Regiment,  Thaddeus Kosciuszko Constructs Engineering Works, War Ends in 1779

Finally we see a “War Ends” card. Now I just need to time things correctly and victory should be mine. I take the initiative with a Minor Campaign and knock out the Continental Congress right away. Howe and his large army finally move out of Boston and take Rhode Island easily. Okay, 1 more colony in my hands and Rick has no easy way to place PC markers. Things are looking good. Rick raises troops in South Carolina, but I’m pretty sure he can’t do too much damage down there at this point in the game. So I begin placing PC markers in New Hampshire to distract him. He reinforces his New England armies and I start worrying Howe might get attacked, but I decide to keep him off balance by going on the offensive once again. General Burgoyne moves deeper into Maryland and knocks out Gates–at the end of the turn Maryland will now flip to British control.

As the turn is coming to a close, Rick comments “Where are all the ‘War Ends’ cards?” “Funny you should say that,” I reply, and play at long last The War Ends in 1779. The final tally is 8 British colonies to 5 American colonies. Rick probably summed it up best: “Poor America. Back to tea at 4pm, driving on the left side of the road, horse races run clockwise, and erasers called rubbers…”

This Washington’s War match was strange for several reasons. We never saw a single “War Ends” card until turn five, there were very few American attacks, and the British were very aggressive. Maybe this just goes to show us how replayable this game really is. We did have a lot of fun doing this, and hope that you, dear readers, found it to be a lot of fun too. Feel free to tell us all about our many sub-optimal moves in the comments. And look for more PBEM action to come!

The war ends. Victory!